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Running from God (Jonah 1:1-17) - 4/3/24


  • God says go and Jonah said no

  • If we obey then blessing…if we obey troubles

  • Out attitude and our actions are closely related

Jonah’s Attitude

His attitude toward God’s Word

  • Go or No. Luke 6:46-49

  • Read it. Believe it. Meditate on it. Do it.

His attitude toward God’s Plan and Purpose for His life

  • It is a trust issue. HE IS GOD (Sovereignty)

  • Jonah thought God was asking too much

  • We stop growing, going, following, serving when the cost gets to high (people and churches)

His attitude toward God’s Patience

  • I have money, I have ship. I am good!

Jonah’s Actions

Lost His direction – v. 3

  • Fulling His calling and ministry

  • Nineveh to Tarshish

  • Do the next thing right (obedience)

  • A desire to be in the will of God.

Lost His vitality – vv. 5-6

  • Sleeping on the boat (the blues, depression)

  • Not preaching… he was a prophet

  • Captain had to ask him to pray

Lost his impact, influence, and testimony – vv. 7-10

  • Shipmates saw God’s power ON HIM rather than THROUGH HIM.

  • He never told them who he was

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