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The Danger of Anxiety and Worry (Luke 12:22-34) - 2/25/24


  • Warnings from the Lord to the disciples

  • Hypocrisy – vv. 1-12

  • Rich farmer was worried about what he had

  • Here, worried about what we do not have

Defining the terms

Anxious – v. 22

  • to be apprehensive, have anxiety, be anxious, be (unduly) concerned [1]

Worry – v. 29

  • Used figuratively of the mind, to animate, incite, also to cause to be hesitant, to fluctuate, make one’s faith waver as if blown about by wind. In the NT, used in the pass. or mid., meaning to be in suspense or of a doubtful mind, anxious, fluctuating between hope and fear (Luke 12:29).[2]

Fear – v. 32

  • To put in fear, terrify, frighten. In the Class. Gr., to cause to run away[3]

It is an amazing and ironic truth that while ours is perhaps the most affluent, indulged, and comfortable society ever, it is also the most stressed out, worried, and anxiety-ridden one. No worry goes unnamed, undefined, uncataloged, undiagnosed, or unmedicated; worries merely go unrelieved. It is frightening to believe one is trapped in an inexplicable universe; to be nothing more than the chance product of a blind, unguided, random, purposeless process of evolution that did not have man in mind. The thought that there is no one home in the universe results in a sense of cosmic alienation, loneliness, and angst. The anxiety that results takes many forms, to which humanistic psychology gives labels such as obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic disorder, post-traumatic stress syndrome, social anxiety disorder, general anxiety disorder, as well as specific phobias, such as fear of heights, enclosed places, mice, spiders, or snakes. Anxiety affects millions of people and treating it (usually by drugs) is a big business.The best the world can hope for in superficially dealing with anxiety is to manage it and mask its impact. The Lord Jesus Christ, however, offers a radically different solution to anxiety—He promises to eliminate it.JOHN MACARTHUR, LUKE 11–17, MACARTHUR NEW TESTAMENT COMMENTARY (CHICAGO, IL: MOODY PUBLISHERS, 2013), 138.

Are there things we should be concerned about? YES

  • Our health

  • Finances

  • Family

  • Past mistakes

  • Success/failures

As a Christian, think of your life as a Big Circle (Paul Tripp)

  • Draw a big circle. Within the big circle draw a smaller one.

  • The small one is the area of our responsibility.  What we control as we live or life as a Christ follower. A life of living and following Christ. (faithfulness and obedience)

  • The space beyond our smaller circle is the God’s area of responsibility. The things outside of our control. God’s sovereignty and providence. I must trust in Him and live my life according.

  • Worry and Anxiety is when we allow our focus to be on God’s responsibility and not ours.

The problem is when they consume us.  We they consume us they become sin. The world says… label it and mask it. The Gospel eliminates it.

Jesus’ Big Truth vv. 22-23

  • Do not worry.

  • You have a God that cares.

Two Illustrations – vv. 24-28

  • Raven – Scavengers. Yet, God provides.

  • Lilies – Their beauty. Their short season. Yet, God clothes them in glory.



  • Forsaking All I Trust Him

The remedy to overcome anxiety/worry – v. 29-34

  • Seek the Kingdom

  • Matthew 6:33-34

  • The world seeks the temporal… We should seek the eternal!

  • Do not live in fear.

  • Little flock – He is our Shepherd

  • Be Generous

  • Look to give, rather that receive.

The What Now

  • Worry adds nothing to our life. As matter of fact it takes away from our life. It robs us of our joy and trust in the Lord. It robs us of precious opportunities to live for Him (Evangelize and Equip others).

  • Turn you attention off of self and onto the Lord. REMEMBER WHO HE IS…

  • Romans 8:31-34

[1] William Arndt, Frederick W. Danker, Walter Bauer, et al., A Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament and Other Early Christian Literature (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2000), 632.

[2] Spiros Zodhiates, The Complete Word Study Dictionary: New Testament (Chattanooga, TN: AMG Publishers, 2000).

[3] Spiros Zodhiates, The Complete Word Study Dictionary: New Testament (Chattanooga, TN: AMG Publishers, 2000).

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