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The Power of Christ's Resurrection (1 Corinthians 15:12-28) - 10/9/22


  • The importance of Christ’s resurrection

  • Apparently, some were doubting the resurrection of the dead

  • The IMPORTANCE and POWER of the resurrection

  • No resurrection… Not power in the Gospel

The resurrection of Christ is the grounds of our salvation – vv. 12-19

If Christ has not been raised:

  • The gospel is useless – v. 14

  • The apostles are false witnesses – v. 15

  • Our faith is futile, and we are still living in sin – vv.16-17

  • Those that have passed in Christ have perished – v. 18

  • Believers should be pitied, because our belief is in nothing. – v. 19

The resurrection of Christ is the pattern for our resurrection – vv. 20-23

  • BUT IN FACT… Christ has risen – v. 20a

  • First fruits of our resurrection – v. 20b-22

    • Festival of First Fruits – Ex. 23:16First phase of the harvest… the rest is comingIn Adam ALL dieIn Christ ALL believers will live

  • We are alive now, but not yet complete – v. 23

    • An order to things

    • His resurrection and His coming

The resurrection of Christ is the means of our ultimate triumph over evil – vv. 24-28

  • Then comes the END

  • When Christ returns all opposition is defeated – vv. 24-25

    • Conquering King… Triumphal procession

  • Death will be destroyed – v. 26

  • He has put all things under His feet – v. 27


  • People will be raised

  • All opposition is abolished

  • The Kingdom will be delivered up to the Father

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