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True Religion (1 John 1:1-4) - 5/23/21

John’s first purpose or reason for writing was that we might have JOY. (John 10:10; 20:31)

Real religion ought to make us joyful - not sad. There ought to be a degree of joy and excitement about our salvation.

The First Epistle of John was written so that you might know for certain that the Life is yours (Assurance, 1 John 5:13).

All Men Are Religious. "Profession without practical godliness of conduct is either hypocrisy or self-delusion" (J. Sidlow Baxter). Our churches are filled with CONVINCED but not CONVERTED people.

Two key areas are:

1. False faith decisions, and

2. Meaningless memberships in church.

-Our conceptions are often all wrong.

False Religion is very possible.

True Religion - there are three key things mentioned here that are necessary to understand true religion. Real and right religion has to do with a relationship to God, which can only be had through Jesus (1 Corinthians 1:9).

I. The Origin of Religion (v. 1). "...from the beginning..."

II. An Objective Revelation (vv. 1-2). Our relationship with God is not mystical or subjective; it is real, and it is based on the objective facts of God's revelation to man, the Bible. It is a redemption stemming from REAL events which occurred in time. John says...

A. We have HEARD...

B. We have SEEN...

C. We have HANDLED...

III. An Obvious Reality (vv. 2-4). Your experience will validate your relationship. John notes three things that are real about:

1. Proclamation

2. Participation

3. Pleasure

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