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You Are Either with Me or Against Me (Luke 11:14-26) - 12/3/23


  • Growing opposition – vv. 14-54 (Closer He gets to the cross)

  • Doubting and testing

  • Rejection from religious leaders

    • Lack of faith. Who is Jesus?

  • Two kingdoms – vv. 14-26

    • God’s

    • Satan’s


The Miracle – vv. 14

The Healing

  • Jesus saves. Jesus delivers. Jesus heals

  • DONE… PAID IN FULL (WED NIGHT… Works of Jesus)

The Reaction – vv. 15-16

The Gospel demands a reaction

  • Slanderers – You are not who you say you are. You are from Satan.

    • They did not deny what He had done, rather they were denying who He did it for.

    • Today, the world says that biblical truth is evil

    • The church (The Word) is evil… because it stands on God’s Word.

  • Skeptics – Do more.

  • They were open, but not receptive to Christ.

  • Prove He is who He says He is (Today.. you have your opinion… I have mine. Many ways)

  • Pride is the issue. We have more than enough evidence.

The Kingdom Comparison– vv. 17-23

A kingdom divided against itself will fall – vv. 17-19

  • Your thinking is illogical

  • Satan would not cast out his demons

  • Also, then explain the Jewish leaders casting out demons

I cast out demons with the finger of God – vv. 20-22

  • Not by the power of Satan, but by the power and will of God

  • Finger of God. Exodus 8:19

  • Matthew 12:28 The Spirit of God

  • The Son does the will of the Father by the power of the Spirit (Trinity)

  • Satan appears to be strong man guarding his house. All is well and secure… BUT

  • Jesus is stronger. STRIPS HIM, CLAIMS THE GOODS

You are either with me or against me – v. 23

  • Will I live for Him or against Him?

  • ALL IN or nothing!!!!!

  • JC RYLE – Let it be the settled determination of our minds, that we will serve Christ with all our hearts if we serve Him at all. Let there be no reserve, no compromise, no half-heartedness.

  • Which kingdom reigns over our life

A Closing Illustration – vv. 24-26

  • The man Jesus healed was delivered and made whole.

  • The man in the parable man made apparent progress. (Moral improvements… Dealing with the actions rather than the heart.)

  • A picture of not acknowledged the rule and reign of Christ over ones life.

  • The man tried, but without the power of God

  • The Spirit was not dwelling within him

  • Ok for a season and then worse.

  • Demons returned and he was worse off.

  • We need more than behavior change… People need heart change.

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