Weekly Worship & Music Ministry Weekly Updates

June 21, 2021

TBC Worship & Music Ministry Family,

I hope y'all had a wonderful Father's Day! It was great being back with y'all after being gone the week prior. Thank you to Scott Bennett for filling in for me when we were at the SBC!

We're finally back to normal schedule after being off for a few weeks, so I look forward to seeing everyone on Wednesday evening for choir rehearsal!​

Below are the worship plans for this week. As always, please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

Upcoming Services:

Adult Choir Rehearsals

Rehearsal Agenda

  • "I Got Saved" (octavo)

  • "Embrace the Cross" (octavo)

  • "You Alone Can Rescue" (octavo)

  • "Is He Worthy?" (octavo)

  • Upcoming:
    "Because He Lives (Amen)"

Blessings to y'all!

In Christ Alone,

Kenny Wells


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