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Family Devotional Guide - 6/2/19


  • Scripture: Psalm 103

  • Discussion: In light of Ps. 103 (esp. verse 1-5), name things God has done for you. How does the act of remembering His works affect your understanding of God, worship, etc.? Consider several areas of life.

  • Song: “We Will Remember” by Tommy Walker


  • Scripture: Matthew 6:7-15

  • Discussion: What does it tell us that “your will be done” is included in the Lord’s Prayer, the pattern for our praying? Is that your honest prayer?

  • Song: “The Lord’s Prayer” music by Albert H. Malotte


  • Scripture: Romans 1:18-22

  • Discussion: What does this passage tell us about God’s power? What are some aspects of His power that we find in Rom. 1:20, especially?

  • Song: “You Are God Alone” by Billy J. & Cindy Foote

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