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Family Devotional Guide - 8/4/19


  • Scripture: 2 Corinthians 4:7-18

  • Discussion: How does you handle urgent situations? What lessons can you learn from the apostle Paul and how he approached his hardships?

  • Song: “Not for a Moment (After All)” by Jacob Sooter, Meredith Andrews & Mia Fieldes


  • Scripture: Mark 4:35-41

  • Discussion: Discuss instances in your life when you saw God’s mighty hand over the circumstances you faced. What does Mark 4:35-41 teach us about trust? In what ways do we see Christ magnified in this passage?

  • Song: “’Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus” by Louisa M.R. Stead & William J. Kirkpatrick


  • Scripture: Psalm 23

  • Discussion: In 2 Kings 4:7, we see that God enabled this widow to pay off her debts and have income to live on. He blessed her abundantly! Consider Psalm 23 and discuss all the ways we see God caring for His own.

  • Song: “10,000 Reasons” by Jonas Myrin & Matt Redman

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