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Faith over Fear (1 Timothy 1:1-7) - 5/10/20

I. Confident in Witness (1) A. Genuine Faith (1:1-5) Note three encouragements to a confident witness that Paul reminds Timothy of: 1. Authority and Grace for Timothy’s Life (v. 1-2) 2. Appreciation and Gratefulness for Timothy’s Friendship (v. 3) 3. Affection and Gladness for Timothy’s Faith and Heritage (vv. 4-5) B. The Gift of God (1:6-7) 1. Operating in the Gift of God a. A Reminder of your Motivation for Ministry b. A Recognition of your Call to Ministry - “Laying on of my hands.”

2. Overcoming the Spirit of Fear a. The Source of Fear b. The Solution to Fear (1) Strength (2) Security (3) Soundness of Mind

Questions for Further Study:

  • How do you define the “promise of life” (v. 1) and how do you communicate it to your children?

  • What does it mean to have a “pure conscience?”

  • What are you doing to provide a godly heritage for your children?

  • Genuine faith results in genuine service? Are you using your spiritual gifts in service through the local church?

  • What are you doing to help your children learn and use their spiritual gifts?

  • What is the source of fear?

  • What has God given us that we overcome fear and serve Him effectively?

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