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Family Devotional Guide - 10/3/21

The sermon for Sunday, October 3rd is the 2nd sermon in a 2-part series on relationships (as part of a larger series about the church). In part 2, we’re focusing on our relationships with one another and ministering to others in the areas of discipleship, fellowship, encouragement and care.

Day 1 – Discipleship

  • Scripture: Colossians 1:28

  • Discussion: One of the goals of a minister of the gospel is to “present everyone mature in Christ” (Col. 1:28). This is also one of the main goals of discipleship—helping others grow in their faith. By application, this task is not just for pastors, but it is a duty of each believer to make disciples (Matt. 28:19). What are some evidences of being a mature Christian? What are some practical things you can do to help those around you grow in their relationship with the Lord?

  • Song: “Step by Step” by David (Beaker) Strasser

Day 2 – Fellowship

  • Scripture: Acts 2:42

  • Discussion: What is meant by the phrase “the fellowship?” What are some implications that flow from the fact that we are part of the fellowship of Tabernacle Baptist Church and in this together? How might our fellowship with each other improve, and what are some dangers that may creep in?

  • Song: “The Bond of Love” by Otis Skillings

Day 3 – Encouragement & Care

  • Scripture: Romans 12:9-21

  • Discussion: Romans 12 marks a turning point in the book of Romans. In the first 11 chapters, Paul gave some deep theological instruction on various doctrines. Chapter 12 marks a turning point where he switches to giving points of application that flow from that theology. Beginning in verse 9 of this chapter, he begins a section in the ESV simply called “Marks of the True Christian.” Much in this section of verses deals with our relationships to one another. What instructions found in these verses relate to being encouraging and caring toward one another? How might you grow in these areas?

  • Song: “Revive Us Again” by John J. Husband & William P. Mackay

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