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Family Devotional Guide - 12/15/19

Day 1

  • Scripture: Philippians 1:12-14

  • Discussion: Paul was in the 1st generation of persecuted Christians. What lessons do you see here in these three verses? How can/does God use persecution to further the spread of the gospel?

  • Song: “O Church, Arise” by Keith Getty & Stuart Townend

Day 2

  • Scripture: Philippians 1:12-14

  • Discussion: As you consider the lessons that we can learn from Paul’s persecution, consider also the blessings we now enjoy that others across the world do not have. Spend some time praying for the persecuted church the world over. Pray through these verses, asking God to: 1. advance the gospel through their persecution (v. 12); 2. help others to see that persecution and ask Him to draw attention to Himself through their suffering (v. 13); 3. help other brothers and sisters around them to draw confidence from seeing others suffering and realize that they are not alone and be encouraged by the faith of those around them (v. 14).

  • Song: “Facing a Task Unfinished” by Ed Cash, Fionán De Barra, Frank Houghton, Keith Getty, Kristyn Getty & Samuel Wesley

Day 3

  • Scripture: Philippians 1:15-18

  • Discussion: Ask yourself: Am I following Christ sincerely? Paul was faced with those who were hypocritical. While he rejoiced that at least the message of the gospel went out, he deplored the condition of some of the messengers. Pray for yourself and your pastors, asking God to help us always to be careful to “preach Christ…from good will” (v. 15).

  • Song: “Give Us Clean Hands” by Charlie Hall

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