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Family Devotional Guide - 8/30/20


  • SCRIPTURE: Daniel 3:1-7

  • DISCUSSION: In this section of Daniel, we see false faith on full display. Discuss all the ways that Nebuchadnezzar tried to make the statue seem important (gathering of administrators, mention of numerous instruments, etc.). How does all this pomp display the futility of Nebuchadnezzar’s idol?

  • SONG: “You Are God Alone” by Billy J. Foote & Cindy Foote


  • SCRIPTURE: Daniel 3:8-18

  • DISCUSSION: What strengthened the faith of these young Hebrew men? Discuss an instance in your own life in which you experienced threats or persecution due to your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. How did you stand strong?

  • SONG: “Whom Shall I Fear (God of Angel Armies)” by Chris Tomlin, Ed Cash & Scott Cash


  • SCRIPTURE: Hebrews 11

  • DISCUSSION: Spend some time reading through Hebrews 11, commonly known as the “Hall of Faith.” Pick one individual whose story is mentioned in the chapter and read their backstory in the Old Testament. Discuss what ways that individual showed faith in the Lord.

  • SONG: “By Faith” by Keith Getty, Kristyn Getty & Stuart Townend

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