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Family Devotional Guide - 8/9/20


  • SCRIPTURE: Genesis 3:1-7

  • DISCUSSION: How did Satan twist God’s words to Adam & Eve? How did Eve add to God’s words? Why is this important? In what ways is God’s Word, the Bible, twisted or added to in our own day? Stop and ask the Lord to help you have proper reverence for, and knowledge of, His Word.

  • SONG: “Speak, O Lord” by Keith Getty & Stuart Townend


  • SCRIPTURE: Genesis 3:8-11

  • DISCUSSION: When confronting Adam & Eve over their sin, why did the Lord ask them questions in v.9-11? Obviously, the Lord is omniscient and knew all of these facts. So, why did He ask them? How might we try to hide our own sins from the Lord, even though we know He knows all things?

  • SONG: “Give Us Clean Hands” by Charlie Hall


  • SCRIPTURE: Genesis 3:12-19

  • DISCUSSION: In these verses, we see the first known example of blame-shifting, something that still occurs all too frequently. We also see that sin brings consequences. What other lessons do we see here? What does this tell us about how seriously we should take sin? In what ways have you experienced both blame-shifting & consequences?

  • SONG: “I Stand Amazed in the Presence” by Charles H. Gabriel

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