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Family Devotional Guide - 9/18/22

This week’s Family Devotional Guide is based on our Scripture reading from Sunday, Psalm 95.

Day 1

  • Scripture: Psalm 95:1-5

  • Discussion: This psalm of praise functions as a literal call to worship. The opening lines issue the command: “Oh come, let us sing to the Lord.” Describe the manner in which the psalmist says we are to sing (v. 2). Does that describe how we worship? In verses 3-5, the psalmist gives us reasons why we are to worship. What is the main reason we are to worship (hint: notice the “for” in v. 3). Spend some time discussing how the psalmist describes God in verses 3-5.

  • Song: “Behold Our God” by Jonathan Baird, Meghan Baird, Ryan Baird & Stephen Altrogge

Day 2

  • Scripture: Psalm 95:6-7a

  • Discussion: Once again, the psalmist issues the call to worship. Instead of singing, he focuses on worship and submission (“kneel” and “bow down”). What is the connection between singing, worshiping, and kneeling? What do these actions tell us about the psalmist’s motive in worship? Similar to verses 1-5, the psalmist also gives a reason why we are to worship. What is that reason (v. 7), and how does that instruct our worship?

  • Song: “Come Let Us Worship and Bow Down” by Dave Doherty

Day 3

  • Scripture: Psalm 95:7b-11

  • Discussion: The psalmist ends this psalm with a word of warning. What does this tell us about the human heart? What does this tell us about the act of worship? What are some ways that we can guard our hearts and make sure we are not hardened toward the Lord?

  • Song: “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing” by Robert Robinson & John Wyeth

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