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Grace Under Fire (Psalm 41) - 7/26/23

Summary by Allen Ross:

“Testifying how the Lord answered his prayer to restore him to health and prevent the treachery of his enemies, the psalmist declares that those who take note of the needy will receive deliverance from the lord in their time of need.”

Sermon Main Point by Allen Ross:

“Because God delights in those who show mercy to people in need, he will deliver them in their time of trouble.”

I. The Righteous Assist the Poor & Receive Blessing (vv. 1-3).

A. Concern for the poor reflects a regenerate heart. (Cf. Matt. 5:7)

B. God’s blessings are many:

1. Deliverance – From trouble (v. 1b)

2. Protection – From destruction (v. 2a)

3. Honor – From others (v. 2b)

4. Protection – From enemies (v. 2c)

5. Deliverance – From illness (v. 3)

II. The Righteous Acknowledge Sin & Receive Persecution (vv. 4-9).

A. Real Repentance (v. 4)

1. Appeal to God’s Grace (v. 4a)

2. Acknowledgement of Personal Sin (v. 4b)

B. Profound Persecution

1. Persecution through Disrespect (v. 5)

2. Persecution through Gossip (v. 6)

3. Persecution through Conspiracy (v. 7)

4. Persecution through Cursing (v. 8)

5. Persecution through Betrayal (v. 9)

III. The Righteous Appeal to God & Remain Confident (vv. 10-12).

A. Appeal to God’s Grace (v. 10)

B. Promise of Deliverance (v. 11)

C. Blessing of Fellowship (v. 12)

IV. The Righteous Announce God’s Praise & Remain Trusting (v. 13).

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