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Humility and the Kingdom of God (Luke 14:1-24) - 4/28/24


  • Jesus is invited to a meal on the Sabbath.

  • It was probably to test Him, yet again.

  • He heals and then he begins to share parables about the Kingdom.

  • Humility Less of self and more of others.

A healing – the man with dropsy – vv. 1-6

A parable – the guests in general – vv. 7-11

  • Seeking the best seats

  • Danger of pride

  • Humility is key

  • Exalt self… WILL BE HUMBLED

  • Deny self… WILL BE EXALTED

A parable – the host – vv. 12-14

  • Inviting those than can serve them

  • Serving/Ministry to others.

  • Our motivation, Our heart

  • Serve those that cannot repay

  • Will be blessed (God knows our heart)

A parable – the pious guest – vv. 15-24

  • The blessings of those in the kingdom

  • Servants sent out to invite

  • People opting out (good excuses)

  • Others invited (poor, crippled, blind, lame)

  • Israel – Gentiles

The What Now

How do we view ourselves

How do we view our ministry to others

Does the Gospel influence both?

  • My view of self

  • My view of others (our ministry to others)

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