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The Joy of Repentance (Luke 15:1-10) - 5/12/24


  • Jesus has just taught on the cost of discipleship

  • Sinners are coming to him.

  • Lessons from the parables

  • Parable… A simple story teaching profound truth.


Jesus was eating with sinners.

  • He had just talked about the cost of discipleship.

  • Sinners had come.

  • Religious (Works) people were criticizing.

  • Psalm 1 does not mean we do not minister to the lost.

The attitude of the Pharisees

  • Jesus was eating with sinners. (Law and Grace)

  • Their pride on display!

  • Grumbling… like in the wilderness (OT)

Living and fellowshipping the in the world.

  • We run from the lost world, rather than impact and influence.

  • We are DIFFERENT but we have been SENT.

  • Jesus and Evangelism. Jesus loves people.

  • Multitude, Few, One

Jesus The great shepherd

  • Psalm 23 – Love, Lead, Feed, Protect, Care

Jesus seeking the lost


One sinner who repents – vv. 7&10

  • Turning from sin and self

  • Turning to Christ


THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST – by Paul WasherReformation Heritage Books Repenting - The life of the Apostle Paul Acts 9 - Living in ignorance and unbelief (wrong view of Jesus) - Encountered God on Damascus Road. - By the power of the Holy Spirit, Paul changed. - Immediately began to proclaim Christ. Changes in our thinking – Repentance involves a change of mind leading to a recognition that what God says is true and that we have been wrong. Changes in our emotions – A genuine recognition of our sinfulness and guilt will also lead to a genuine sorrow, shame, and even hatred for what we have become and done. We begin to disdain, with a deep sense of shame and remorse, the sin we once loved. Changes in our actions – Our claim to think differently and our expressed emotions against sin are not in themselves definite evidence of genuine repentance. True repentance will also be accompanied by a change of the will that produces right actions, especially, a turning away from sin and turning to God in obedience.

The Joy of Repentance

  • This should be our heart of ministry.


The What Now

  • Do we have the joy of our own repentance? Our turning from sin to Christ.

  • What is your view of the people of this world? Are you willing to take the time, so that you can share the Gospel with them? Are you more like the Pharisees of more like Jesus?

  • Do we have any Kingdom relationships? Who are we investing in? How is your life impacting and influencing others?

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