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Judging Others (Luke 6:37-42) - 5/21/23


  • Judging others.

  • Wrong way – Critical of others. Finding fault. Harsh. Acting like the judge, jury, and executioner.

  • Right way – Discerning the choices of other people. Is what they are doing right or wrong.

  • The Word of God is the test. The Bible

  • Those without Christ are going to act like those that are without Christ. They do what they do because they have not been BORN AGAIN. So therefore, we cannot hold them to the same standards AS SOMEONE THAT CLAIMS THEY ARE IN A RIGHT RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD.

  • We ARE to be sensitive to the spiritual condition of other believers. Those that are under the accountability of the household of faith.

  • Remember, we are not FIXING… WE ARE RESTORING. Our desire should be to HELP others. Galatians 6:1-2

We reap what we sow – vv. 37-38

  • Judge not… you will not

  • Forgive… and you will be

  • Give… and it will be

Matthew 18:21-35 – Parable of unforgiving servant.

As we seek the wellbeing of others… GOD WILL BLESS US!!!!

  • Good measure – not meagerly

  • Pressed down – filling all the space

  • Shaken together – settled and completely full

  • Running over – more than expected.

Who we follow impacts who follows us – vv. 39-40

  • Can a blind man lead a blind man? The blind leading the blind.

  • A lesson on the outcome of following after the wrong leader.

  • Fully trained will be like His teacher.

  • Jesus was the perfect example of proper judgment, forgiving, and giving.

  • What type of example are we giving for others to follow.

  • As a pastor, do my messages match my example?

  • How readily will someone follow the example of an obedient life? Think of the impact.

I need to focus on me first – vv. 41-42

  • I need to focus on me before I focus on others.

  • We should be willing to look within our own heart

  • Word, Prayer…with the intent to discover.

The What Now

  • We should be able to look into the life of others within the sphere of influence. (Family, Church)

  • Yet, the goal should be their joy in living faithfully for Christ. Their restoration of fellowship is the issue.

  • Be slow to judge, yet quick to show compassion, kindness and mercy.

  • Check YOUR heart often!

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