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Roots of the Faith - The Works of Christ (Part 2) - 12/6/23

My notes for Wednesday night, Dec 6th. Remember, these are my personal study notes and not a manuscript of the sermon. They are provided as an outline each week for our Tabernacle Church family. Our study over the next few months will be “The Roots of the Faith.” This study will focus on key biblical truths that will transform our thinking and allow us to faithfully live out the Christian life. You can find Sermon Notes, Family Devotional Guides, Prayer List, and other resources at our Church Website.

Resources for this Study

Biblical Doctrine: A Systematic Summary of Bible Truth – John MacArthur & Richard Mayhue

Basic Christian DoctrinesCurt Daniel

What Jesus accomplished when He died on the Cross


  • The offices of Christ: Prophet, Priest, and King.

  • The Works of Jesus Christ. His work on the cross.

  • Jesus died on the cross in place of sinners that He might purchase their freedom, reconcile them to God, and thereby satisfy the righteous demands of a holy and just God.


  • The barrier of sin is removed. There is peace with God.

  • Reconciliation is manward: man was the one that moved out of fellowship because of sin, and man needed to be reconciled to renew the fellowship.


  • To be declared righteous…not guilty.

  • Whereas forgiveness is the negative side, justification is the positive side.

  • To declare righteous the one who has faith in Jesus Christ. It is a legal term that conveys the act of God declaring the believing sinner righteous based on the cross of Christ.

  • It involves:

    • The pardon and removal of all sin and the end to the separation with God.

    • Bestowing righteousness upon the believing person and a title to all the blessings.


  • God removes our guilt.

  • Colossians 2:13 – To forgive out of His grace

  • Ephesians 1:7 – to let go…to release.

  • Forgiveness is manward; man had sinned and needed to have his sins dealt with and removed


  • The defeat of sin, death, and curse of the law

  • Satan is defeated.

  • Satan cannot bring a charge against us. Romans 8:33

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