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Teach Us to Pray (Luke 11:1-13) - 11/26/23


  • Jesus prays throughout the book of Luke. From Galilee to the cross.

  • Disciples should:

    • Love their neighbors -10:5-37Listen to the Word – 10:38-42

    • Learn to Pray – 11:1-13


Pray with Perspective – vv. 2-4


  • Father, hallowed be your name

    • Personal. (John 1:12 – Children of God)

    • His Holiness

  • Your kingdom come

    • God’s Glory, Sovereignty, Goodness, Care

    • His rule and reign over HIS CREATION

    • His Kingdom. His Glory

The Needs of His people

  • First person plural. (Us and others… the church)

  • Daily bread

  • Needs. Daily. (dependent upon Him)

    • Work hard and trust Him

  • Forgiving others

    • Receive forgiveness. Offer forgiveness.

  • Lead us not into temptation

Pray with Persistence – vv. 5-10

Hospitality in biblical times was important (sacred duty)

  • Could not or would not answer

  • Eventually the man gave in.

The friend’s impudence

  • Shameless persistence

  • Boldness

  • Pray with passion and purpose… till we get God’s answer

James 4:2-3 – Asking with pure motives

  • Motive of our heart

  • Seeking His will, not presenting our agenda.

  • God does not need more information, nor is He surprised by the circumstances

  • Our heart should change the more we pray

Our requesting (Our responsibility in prayer)

  • Ask, seek, Knock

  • Progression. Continuous

God’s will revealed

  • Receive, Find, Opened

Pray awaiting His provision – vv. 11 – 13

The love of Our Father

  • From a friend to a father

  • How much more will a Father give to his son what is best?

If you, being evil

  • Not doing evil…being evil. Depravity

How much more…heavenly Father

  • Perfect love, Infinite wisdom


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