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The Authority of Jesus (Luke 4:31-44) - 2/26/23


  • Luke is moving from the person of Christ to authority He possess

  • Jesus demonstrating His authority/Lordship

Through His Teaching – vv. 31-32

Taught them on the Sabbath

  • Who is the most qualified to teach the OT.

    • Taught as if it was His autobiography

Astonished at His teaching… possessed authority.

Through Casting out Demons – vv. 33-37

In the synagogue

  • Satan had the demonic in the synagogue (doctrine matters in the church)

Demon… cried out with a loud voice, Ha!

  • Demons knew that in a holy war

  • Fallen angels opposed to the Kingdom of God

  • Satan is the ruler of the unbelieving world. John 8:44, 1 John 5:19

Holy One of God

Be silent and come out

  • Demonstrating His authority over the demon

  • You…HUSH

  • Now is not the time

And they were amazed at His Word

  • At His teaching, authority, and power

The news spreads

Through Healing the Masses – vv. 38-41

Simon’s house

  • More private and intimate

Rebuked the fever and she began to serve Him

  • Touched by Christ. Completely. Wholly

  • Response…serve Him

Laid hands on every one of them and healed

  • Personal. Face to Face

Demons crying out “You are the Son of God

  • Knew He was the Christ

Thoughts on Jesus’ healing ministry:

  • Pointing people to who He is (authority/power)

  • Pointing people to the new birth

    • Ultimate healing

    • From dead to alive. NEW LIFE

  • Every disease

    • Not live the TV preachers that just heal certain types

    • Jesus heals ALL

Through Fulfilling His ministry – vv. 42-44

I must preach the Kingdom of God

  • Rule and reign of God

  • Demonic

  • Physical

Same today…

  • Satan is opposed to the WORD

  • Yet, the Word has the power and authority

  • We too, should continue preaching the Kingdom

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