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The Dead in Christ Shall Rise (1 Corinthians 15:35-58) - 10/23/22


  • He knew the previous section would lead to questions.

  • How are the dead raised? With what kind of body will they come?

  • He is now answering those questions.

Our body must die. – vv. 36-38


The example of the seed (An agricultural example)

  • Pointing out what they knew about producing crops

  • A dead seed produces an abundant harvest

  • We must live to die

  • John 13:23-26

The old must put on the new. – vv. 39-49

The example of creation

  • They were looking at the natural body and deducing the impossibility.

  • And they were right

  • People, animals, earth, heaven, sun and moon, stars.

    • Each one is very different

God obviously has created different bodies (humans, animals, heavenly) so surely, he can create a RESURRECTED BODY.

  • There is the now and the later

  • Death and raised to life

  • Perishable and imperishable

  • Dishonor and glory

  • Weakness and power

  • Natural and spiritual body

First is born of Adam

  • We have borne His image

  • Natural body. Dust

  • Earthly environment

  • Fallen, Sinful

The second is born again in Christ

  • We will BEAR His image

  • Spiritual body

  • Heavenly environment

  • Forgiven, clean, righteous

A picture of Resurrection Day – vv. 50-57

The point is made. Now Paul gives the church a glorious picture of RESURRECTION DAY.

Royal Entry – v. 50

  • We will enter the Kingdom of God in our spiritual bodies

Perfectly timed – vv. 51-52a

  • In a moment

  • Twinkling of an eye

  • Gods’ perfect timing

  • God’s redemptive timeline

  • Matthew 24:29-31

Victorious – vv. 52b-55

Closing words to the Church – v. 58

Because we are people who believe in the resurrection… We live with as a people of HOPE and PURPOSE.

  • Steadfast – Firmly situated

  • Immovable – unmoved in living out God’s Will

  • Always Abounding– Exceeding the requirements

  • In the work of the Lord

    • His Work

    • His Way

    • His Power

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