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The Finished Work of Christ (Luke 13:31-35) - 4/21/24


  • He has just shared about the narrow door

  • Who can be saved? How is one saved?

  • Think about it… this is God’s Redemptive plan for humanity.

  • Herod cannot stop it

  • Israel will not receive it

Herod cannot stop it. Redemption– vv. 31-33

  • God’s perfect plan… 3 days

  • Finish my course


Herod, as noted above, was Herod Antipas, a son of the long-tenured Herod the Great. After his death, Herod’s kingdom was divided among three of his sons. Archelaus received Judea, Samaria, and Idumea; Philip, Ituraea and Trachonitis (Luke 3:1), northeast of Galilee; and Antipas, Galilee and Perea. Antipas is the Herod referred to in the Gospels’ accounts of Jesus’ ministry. He ruled from his father’s death in 4 B.C. until A.D. 39. In addition to his not being Jewish, the Jews hated Antipas because he built his capital city, Tiberius (located on the west shore of the Sea of Galilee) on the site of a Jewish cemetery, thus defiling it. They were further outraged when he put idols in public places in Tiberius. While Jesus ministered extensively for one year throughout the small, compact area of Galilee, there is no record in the Gospels of Him ever visiting Tiberius.John MacArthur, Luke 11–17, MacArthur New Testament Commentary (Chicago, IL: Moody Publishers, 2013), 228.

John 19:30 – When Jesus had received the sour wine, he said, “It is finished,” and he bowed his head and gave up his spirit. (ESV)


  • Te-tel-estai – PAID IN FULL (written on a bill of sales)

  • Is in the perfect tense which describes a PAST completed act with PRESENT effect, emphasizing that the past completed event of Christ’s death on the Cross has ongoing, even permanent effects. Jesus’ sacrifice may have occurred in time and space, but its results will last for eternity!

This is not:

  • My suffering on this cross is done.

  • My life of struggling is over

  • Finally, I get to go home.

No this was a cry of victory and completion

  • I came to seek and to save that which was lost

  • I came to give new life and give it more abundantly

  • I came to make right that which was wrong.

  • I came to open blind eyes

  • I came to raise the dead

  • I came to do what no one could do.  I PAID THE PRICE

This was a declaration on the part of the Divine Redeemer that all for which He came from heaven to do, was now done; that all for which was needful to reveal the glorious character of God had now been accomplished; that everything necessary for the putting away of the sins of His people, providing for them a perfect standing before God, securing for them an eternal inheritance and fitting them for it, had all been done.Tetelestai:Made an end of – our sins and our guiltPaid – the price of our redemptionWas performed – the utmost requirement of God’s lawA.W. Pink
Tetelestai – an ocean of meaning in a drop of language, a mere drop. It would need all the other words that ever were spoken, or ever can be spoken, to explain this one word. It is altogether immeasurable. It is high; I cannot attain to it. It is deep; I cannot fathom it. IT IS FINISHED is the most charming note in all of Calvary’s music. The fire has passed upon the Lamb. He has borne the whole of the wrath that was due to His people. This is the royal dish of the feast of love.” – Charles Spurgeon

It is finished. Our salvation. Our sanctification.

  • We do not neat to fear

  • We can trust Him

  • Live for Him

  • Psalm 112:7

Israel does not receive it. Rejection– vv. 34-35

  • The door is narrow (only through the Gospel)

  • By grace through faith, not works

  • The city of His redemption… the city of His rejection.

A perfect picture of why GRACE

  • Not of Works

  • But, Grace through Faith

  • Not a people of works but a people of grace

Man’s attempt to please God

  • God’s law was to show people their need of salvation

  • Man’s tradition… adding to the law to earn our  way

  • Our pride, our effort. (Still today… I can do it on MY TERMS

God’s Plan/Provision

  • His Love

  • His Forgiveness

  • His Judgment

  • His Coming

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