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The Future Exaltation of Zion (Micah 4:1-8) - 7/16/23


  • From judgement to hope

  • Hope now, and ultimate hope later

  • The future glory of Zion

The Hill of Zion – vv. 1-2

Latter Days

  • End of history… as we know it

  • The temporal to the eternal

  • God’s ultimate Kingdom

  • A sharp contrast to the corruption of Micah’s day

Mountain of the House of the Lord

  • High and lifted up

  • Visible by all

  • People shall flow to it (like a river)

  • Many nations shall come

He may teach us His ways

  • In Micah’s day the priest were silent

  • In this day… the Word of God will be proclaimed for all to hear

  • People will desire to hear from God

  • That we may walk in your paths

The Nations will experience peace and safety – vv. 3-5

He will judge

  • by His Word. Truth

Swords, Plowshares

  • From constant war to peace

Sit under vine. Not afraid

  • Security. No fear

Walk in the name of the Lord

  • No longer walking after false gods

The weak shall become strong – vv. 6-7

  • Assemble. Gather. Like a shepherd

  • The remnant will be restored

  • Lord will reign over them forever


  • The shepherd king shall reign forever!!!!!

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