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The Rejection of Jesus (Luke 4:14-30) - 2/19/23


  • We know from Johnthat He spent time near Jerusalem immediately after His baptism.

    • John 4:1-4 (Jesus goes to Galilee)

    • Logical order not chronological

    • Nazareth is His hometown

  • He was in Galilee going from city to city

His Presentation (his ministry) – vv. 14-16

  • Empowered by the Holy Spirit

    • Tempted, Empowered

  • Glorified by all (for what He was doing)

  • Matthew 4:23-25His acts of deliverance and healing was proof His was God…(Spirit and Word do it today)

His Proclamation – vv. 17-20

Bring good news to the poor

  • Spiritual bankrupt

Proclaim release to the captives

Restore the sight to the blind

Let the oppressed go free

Proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor

  • Year of jubilee

Their Reaction – vv.22-30

From acceptance

  • Loved the miracles and experience

To rejection

They rejected the message

  • Turned to them personally

  • The oppressed, the poor, the needy

  • They were the religious… How dare He say they needed to be saved/delivered.

They rejected the messenger

  • They wanted a military deliver

  • Restore our nation… deal with THOSE PEOPLE

  • He was not the Messiah they were looking for (Isaiah 61:2…. They wanted the vengeance)

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