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The Temptation of Jesus (Luke 4:1-13) - 2/12/23


  • Spirits leading in the “wilderness”

  • Battle with good and evil (Jesus and Satan)

  • Importance of the Word

  • Jesus is in the wilderness… The Exodus. They failed but Jesus did not. Jesus is the TRUE ISRAEL

  • Jesus demonstrated His Lordship, and we can learn from Him!

  • God does not temp people only Satan

    • Lures to do evil

  • People can test God

    • Our sinful desires to do that which is against the things of God

    • Daring God to prove Himself

The Devil

  • Diablo – Accuser (in the court room)

    • God is not. Jesus is not

  • Tempting Jesus to act apart (independently) from God

  • Offering shortcuts to living a faithful life of trust and obedience.

  • The devil will use the same tactics to tempt us.

  • Notice what Satan brings into question when he tempts Christ, just as he will tempt us to sin against God.

Our Needs – vv. 3-4

  • If you are the son of God

    • Questioning who Jesus is

  • Putting immediate needs over eternal purposes

  • My needs or God’s will

  • Physical nourishment/Spiritual nourishment

Our Worship – vv. 5-8

If you, then, will worship me

  • Giving to Satan what belongs to God.

  • Our allegiance, worship

  • We glorify Him as we live under His LORDSHIP

Our Faith – vv. 9-13

  • If you are the Son of God

  • Satan twists Scripture to test God.

  • Not trusting in the truth and promises of God’s Word

Truths to Consider

Temptation is not sin.

Temptation will come to everyone.

We must learn to resist.

We utilize spiritual weapons (Follow the example of Jesus).

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