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The Voice of the Lord Cries Out (Micah 6:9-16) - 8/30/23

The Lord speaks – v. 9

They are guilty

  • Hear of the rod

  • Discipline is coming

He cannot forget any longer – vv. 10-12

Their sins are the issue

  • Treasures of wickedness

  • Scant measure

  • Unethical behavior. Social Sins

Who we are will be manifested in how we live

  • Our relationship with God is in direct relation to our relationship with others

They are reaping what they have sown – vv. – 13-15

Judgement is coming (Gradual yet sudden)

  • The fall of the nation

  • They have but do not have

  • Sow and reap

  • Both physical and spiritual

  • Activity but no fulfillment


They failed to believe and follow God’s Word.


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