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Thy Kingdom Come (Luke 13:18-21) - 4/7/24


  • The coming of the Messianic Kingdom

  • The kingdom of God – The sovereign rule and reign of God over His creation.

  • Matthew 6:10 – Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

A false view of the Kingdom

The Israelites were waiting for the messianic kingdom to be ushered in by a charismatic King and deliver them from the bondage of the Roman Empire.

  • Obvious, powerful.

  • Military, political, social, economical impact

Yet, the Kingdom of God is just the opposite. It is not a “man” driven dynamic (From the outside in), but God ordained (from the inside out). This is one of the main issues the religious leaders had with Jesus. He did not fit their understanding of the change that was to come.

The Mustard Seed

Smallest in size yet grows to large bush/tree

  • Able to allow birds to permanently live

The early church started with just a handful. No spectacular visible significance. Yet grew into the visible church.

Yet, when He returns… it will be very visible. Revelation 19:11-16

The Leaven

Hid – Not obvious to the world (the worlds perception)

Has the power to TRANSFORM the dough

  • Over time, Serving its purpose

From a small and seemingly insignificant beginning, the kingdom of God grows—at times invisibly and almost imperceptibly—until it reaches all nations with its transforming power.PHILIP GRAHAM RYKEN, LUKE, ED. RICHARD D. PHILLIPS, PHILIP GRAHAM RYKEN, AND DANIEL M. DORIANI, VOL. 2, REFORMED EXPOSITORY COMMENTARY (PHILLIPSBURG, NJ: P&R PUBLISHING, 2009), 30.


The spread of the Kingdom

Acts 1:8slow, steady growth, WHERE YOU ARE. KEEP IT GOING

  • A true church growth model.   THE EARLY CHURCH

The power of the Kingdom

  • For those who believe (all who believe) TARGET GROUP

  • Power of the Gospel.  BRING CHANGE

  • Completely, totally, eternally

  • IN IT the righteousness of God

The Influence of the Kingdom

  • Household of God

  • We are individual members of a family

  • Church of the living God

  • Church of… His possession.

  • Pillar and Buttress of truth

  • The foundation and protector of truth

The Success of the Kingdom

Because of His Incarnation and Exaltation

  • We have been redeemed

  • We have been filling with the Holy Spirit

  • We have the power of the Gospel

  • We are the church of the Living God


bow … confess. The entire intelligent universe is called to worship Jesus Christ as Lord (cf. Ps. 2). This mandate includes the angels in heaven (Rev. 4:2–9), the spirits of the redeemed (Rev. 4:10, 11), obedient believers on earth (Rom. 10:9), the disobedient rebels on earth (2 Thess. 1:7–9), demons and lost humanity in hell (1 Pet. 3:18–22). The Greek word for confess means “to acknowledge,” “affirm,” or “agree” which is what everyone will eventually do in response to Christ’s lordship, willingly and blessedly or unwillingly and painfullyJOHN F. MACARTHUR JR., THE MACARTHUR BIBLE COMMENTARY (NASHVILLE: THOMAS NELSON, 2005), PHP 2:11.

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