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True Greatness (Luke 9:46-50) - 10/8/23


  • The disciples struggle with greatness and humility

  • Their heart showed a lack of maturity

    • Moving Toward Maturity

  • The preceding verses

    • The suffering of Jesus.

    • His death on the cross

  • What is true greatness?

Our Position in Christ – vv. 46-48

Wrong Thinking – Emphasis on Receiving

  • Special favor/blessings from the Lord

  • Authority due to position

Right Thinking – Emphasis on Serving

  • For the benefit of others

  • Sacrifice and self-denial

  • As we serve, we receive

Our Ministry for Christ – vv. 49-50

There is too much “I” in ministry

  • Popularity, prestige

  • Clicks, likes, views

The issue is the heart

  • The disciples heart… they are not one of us

    • It appears they were bothered that credit was going to someone else

  • The other person (casting out demons) – They might not been a disciple, but their heart was sincere

    • Jesus did not rebuke them

because he does not follow with us. It is ironic that John, who came to be known as “the apostle of love,” would be the one to raise this objection (see note on v. 54). John came to see that only legitimate tests of another person’s ministry are the test of doctrine (1 John 4:1–3; 2 John 7–11) and the test of morals (1 John 2:4–6, 29; 3:4–12; 4:5, 20; cf. Matt. 7:16). This man would have passed both tests, but John was inclined to reject him because of his group affiliation. JOHN F. MACARTHUR JR., THE MACARTHUR BIBLE COMMENTARY (NASHVILLE: THOMAS NELSON, 2005), LK 9:49.

The Bible is clear on false teachers, angles of dark (Those that falsely claim to be Christians)

In these verses it appears to be someone that has a real heart for the Lord.

  • We need to work with people as long as we can for the sake of the Gospel, BUT NEVER COMPROMISE TRUTH IN THE PROCESS

  • I ask myself this question… Do I think they are true believers?

  • I do not need to worry about how everyone else is pastoring. I need to focus on who God has called me to shepherd.

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