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Woes or Blessings (Luke 11:45-54) - 2/4/24

Updated: Feb 4


  • Religious leaders are questioning Jesus.

  • Who He is. Who He is from. How He impacts humanity


  • They thought he would apologize, but instead…

  • Declared 3 WOES

    • Declaration of judgment

    • For their sin against God

  • Woes to the Lawyers for what did and did not do.

  • Blessing to those that live and do differently

The Woe – Their Service – Adding Legalistic Burdens

  • Adding more burdens (legalism and tradition), rather than taking them away.


  • Rather than giving freedom… they were heaping up burdens

  • They lacked… Offering the grace and mercy of the Gospel

What we can learn (the blessing)

  • Jeremiah 31:25 (refreshing through the New Covenant)

  • Matthew 11:28-30

    • An invitation for the overloaded to come

    • Rest now and ultimately for eternity… the already and not yet

  • Good Shepherd Provides – Love, Care, Nourishment, Guidance, Protection

The Woe – Their Heart – The Hardness of Their Heart

  • Tombs of prophets

    • Their ancestors killed to messengers of God

  • Rejecting God’s plan of redemption

    • God’s means of Grace

  • The message from the prophets

  • The message from Christ

  • The message from the Church

  • They lacked receptive hearts

What we can learn (the blessing)

  • See yourself through the lens of the Gospel

  • See Christ through the lens of the Gospel


  • Respond now to the leading of the Spirit

The Woe – Their Message – Twisting the Truth of God’s Word

  • Not faithfully teaching God’s Word

  • Then… the proper application of the Law.

  • The Bible today

  • Hindering others form receiving God’s grace

  • Removing the key of knowledge

  • Robbing people of God’s Word

  • They lacked… Trusting God’s sufficient Word

What we can learn (the blessing)

  • The Gospel is our hope

  • The Word is our hope

  • We need to lift high the Word of God

    • We seem to be ashamed of it today

  • Believe and share the truth of God found in His Word

  • Clearly, Lovingly, Boldly…TRUSTING IN GOD TO WORK

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