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Family Devotional Guide - 3/17/19


  • Scripture: Acts 8:1-8; Acts 1:6-11

  • Discussion: In Acts 1:8, the disciples are told to spread the gospel near and far, beginning in Jerusalem. Paul’s persecution caused the disciples to scatter, and that scattering brought the gospel to Samaria (Acts 1:4-8). Share a time in your life when God used persecution, trials, or tragedy to help spread the gospel.

  • Song: “Blessings” by Laura Story


  • Scripture: Acts 8:9-25; Luke 8:4-15

  • Discussion: Where do you think Simon the Magician is spending eternity? Why? How does Acts 8:9-25 relate to the parable of the soils and false “conversions?”

  • Song: “Seek Ye First” by Karen Lafferty


  • Scripture: John 6:1-15, 22-27

  • Discussion: Simon the Magician followed the disciples in part to see what he could get out of Jesus. He liked the power he saw the disciples display. In John 6, we see more people who followed Jesus primarily to get something from Him. How are we tempted to do the same? How do we at times seek to use Jesus?

  • Song: “In Christ Alone” by Keith Getty & Stuart Townend

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