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A God Ask (Nehemiah 2:1-8) - 6/8/22


  • In chapter one we saw the relationship that Nehemiah had with the Lord.

  • In this passage we see how his trust in the Lord allowed his calling and purpose to come into being.

  • Nehemiah has a burden for his people, but to act upon that burden could mean death.

  • The key was Nehemiah’s trust in YAHWEH… His trust in God.

He Trusted and Waited – vv. 1-3

It has been 4 months since he received the news of the condition in Jerusalem

  • He was seeking and waiting

  • Patience and trust

  • The idea of calmness

Prayerfully waiting on God’s perfect timing

He Trusted and Acted – vv. 4-8

His waiting… was so that he could act.

  • What he did in private allowed him to do what he did in public


  • Let me go

  • Bless my vision

  • Pay for my vision

Nehemiah had a desire that was embraced by Artaxerxes… but ultimately it was God’s plan and purpose.

Nehemiah’s Strategy

  • Nehemiah knew what God was asking him to do.

    • He had a vision and purpose

  • He thought through it

    • He had a plan to see it through

  • He acted upon it

    • A big ask

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