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Daniel's Prediction of the Great Rebellion, Part 2 (Daniel 11:36-45) - 3/28/21

2. The Rebellious Reign of the Antichrist

a. The Circumstances Surrounding the Coming of Antichrist

b. The Character of the Coming Antichrist

(1) The Power, Pride, and Pompous Words of the Antichrist

(2) The Perversions of the Antichrist

c. The Conflict during the Reign of Antichrist

(1) The Cause of the Conflict

(2) The Conquering Power of the Antichrist

(3) The Climax of the Rule of Antichrist

(4) The Condemnation of the Antichrist

d. The Conclusions That Can Be Drawn from the "Time of the End"

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