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Family Devotional Guide - 1/15/23

During this week’s Family Devotional Guide, we will focus on the sermon passage from Sunday, Luke 2:41-52.


  • Scripture: Luke 2:41-45

  • Discussion: What do we learn about the character of Joseph and Mary in this passage? How many times is their obedience referenced, and what specific acts of obedience are specifically mentioned? How do these verses connect with the passage we looked at last Sunday (Luke 2:22-40)?

  • Song: “Trust and Obey” by Daniel B. Towner & John H. Sammis


  • Scripture: Luke 2:46-47, 52

  • Discussion: What do these verses show us about Jesus’ growth as a preteen? Why is it important that Jesus was asking them questions, and what do you think his questions revealed about himself? Discuss what v. 52 means: “Jesus increased in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and man.”

  • Song: “Your Great Name We Praise” by Bob Kauflin & Walter C. Smith


  • Scripture: Luke 2:48-51

  • Discussion: What did Jesus mean when he told his parents that he “must be in my Father’s house?” What does this tell us about Jesus’ priorities? Discuss what Jesus’ being submissive to his parents tells us about him (v. 51).

  • Song: “Be Thou My Vision” by Eleanor H. Hull & Mary Elizabeth Byrne

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