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Family Devotional Guide - 1/29/23

During this week’s Family Devotional Guide, we will focus on the Scripture reading from Sunday, Matthew 3:13-17.


  • Scripture: Matthew 3:13-14

  • Discussion: Jesus came to John the Baptist at the Jordan River for the specific purpose of being baptized by John. However, we see here John’s resistance. Why do you think John resisted (based on his response)? Discuss the emphasis John placed on baptism (cf. Mark 1:4).

  • Song: “Center” by Charlie Hall & Matt Redman


  • Scripture: Matthew 3:15; Hebrews 5:9

  • Discussion: Jesus stated that he wanted to be baptized to “fulfill all righteousness.” Why is this statement significant? Bear in mind that Jesus had nothing of which to repent (and we know that baptism is the symbol of repentance from sin). Spend some time discussing the sinlessness of Jesus and the significance of that fact.

  • Song: “Cornerstone” by Edward Mote, Eric Lijero, Jonas Myrin, Reuben Morgan & William B. Bradbury


  • Scripture: Matthew 3:16-17

  • Discussion: Immediately after Jesus was baptized, we see the Trinity on display with Jesus being in the water, the Holy Spirit descending like a dove, and the Father speaking with a loud voice. Discuss the importance of the Trinity. Why do you think the Father, Son and Holy Spirit chose to reveal themselves in this way at Jesus’ baptism? What insight does this give us concerning Jesus’ baptism?

  • Song: “Holy, Holy, Holy” by John B. Dykes & Reginald Heber

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