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Family Devotional Guide (10-10-21)

In the past few weeks, Bro. Jon has led us to consider the content of the gospel, the nature of God and need to worship Him, the importance of ministering to one another, and much more. The sermon for October 10th focuses on the effects of being a biblical church. The Lord blessed the church in Acts 2 and other passages in the book of Acts, we see the church maturing, growing, and multiplying. That is our desire for Tabernacle Baptist Church! That all starts with being a healthy church that understands God and His Word and seeks to obey it and lead others to do the same through discipleship.

With that in mind, for this week’s devotional guide you are invited to consider the 9 topics below. These ideas are very old ideas, but they were grouped together as necessary elements for a healthy church by a ministry called 9Marks. Discuss one or more of these ideas this week as you see fit. Maybe you decide to pick the three topics that you feel you understand the least to discuss during 3 days of devotional readings. Or, maybe you want to discuss three topics each 3 days of devotional readings. The choice is yours!

For each of the “9 Marks of a Healthy Church,” there are Scripture references, summaries, questions, and explanation videos available at

I. Preaching

II. Biblical Theology

III. The Gospel

IV. Conversion

V. Evangelism

VI. Membership

VII. Discipline

VIII. Discipleship

IX. Leadership

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