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Family Devotional Guide - 3/21/21

This week’s FDG is taken from Sinclair Ferguson’s book, To Seek and To Save: Daily Reflections on the Road to the Cross. It begins with Luke 9:51 where it states that Jesus began focusing His attention on His impending crucifixion. Ferguson then focuses on encounters Jesus had as he journeyed toward the cross. This week’s devotional guide features three of those encounters.

Day 1

  • Scripture: Luke 19:1-10

  • Discussion: “Zacchaeus became a real believer—that is, a repenting believer. He was determined to go back down the road along which he had strayed from God, giving back fourfold what he owed, and giving away half of his goods to the poor. Reflect: Are there things that have gone wrong in your life that you need to put right now that you are a believer, as you walk back down the road of repentance? What truths in this passage will help you to do that?” (pp. 86-87, “The Small Tax Man”)

  • Song: “My Jesus, I Love Thee” by Adoniram J. Gordon & William R. Featherstone

Day 2

  • Scripture: Luke 20:1-8

  • Discussion: “The chief priests were trying to make Jesus incriminate himself. They didn’t expect him to respond with a question they couldn’t answer without incriminating themselves! His question revealed their false motives, their sinful hearts and their inconsistency. How the crowd must have loved seeing the chief priests speechless for once! Reflect: Do you know people who try to entrap you as a Christian? How can Jesus’ example help you?” (pp. 92-93, “The Chief Priests”)

  • Song: “O Church, Arise” by Keith Getty & Stuart Townend

Day 3

  • Scripture: Luke 20:19-26

  • Discussion: “There are lessons to learn here. The first is that Jesus cannot be manipulated. The second is this: if, like him, we develop minds that are saturated with both the truth and wisdom of Scripture, we are less likely to be manipulated as well. Reflect: Think back to a time when someone tried to make you look small because you are a Christian, or to manipulate the truth. How would having a big grasp of the gospel and the Bible have helped you respond?” (p. 96, “The Spies on a Mission”)

  • Song: “Show Us Christ” by Bob Kauflin & Doug Plank

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