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If the Foundations Be Destroyed (Psalm 11) - 5/24/20

-The question is in verse 3, but the answer is in verse 1.

Here’s what David knew:

1. He knew he could trust God, v. 1

2. He knew God was sovereign and in control, v. 4.

3. He knew God would eventually judge and then reward and punish accordingly, vv. 5-7.

-Do you know these things?

-David knew he had a solid foundation on which to stand!

2 Tim. 2:19

1 - Our Foundation Will Stand.

2 - Our Faith Is Sealed - God Knows Who Is His

3 - The Flock Will Be Submitted

Psalm 11...


#2 A RESPONSE IS IN ORDER! (vv. 2-3)


Questions for further study:

  1. How is your trust in God a demonstration of what the righteous are to do? What indications are there that you genuinely and fully trust the Lord?

  2. What is our “solid foundation?”

  3. What does it mean to you that God knows those who are His?

  4. Should we retreat from any real engagement with society, or should we stand for our God-given rights of religious liberty?

  5. What is the difference in positive and negative toleration? Why does it matter?

  6. If Christians are silenced in the society and the political realm, is there any reason to believe that they won’t be silenced eventually in their churches?

  7. Why do we as believers have an obligation to live righteously?

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