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Overcoming Anxiety (Philippians 4:1-9) - 4/26/20

Download the Sermon Notes for April 26, 2020.

Review Outline of Philippians: 1. A Solid Church - Founded on Christ (1:1-30) Christ is our Source of Life (1:21) 2. A Submissive Church - Following Christ (2:1-30) Christ is our Sentiment for Life (2:5) 3. A Spiritually Minded Church - In Fellowship with Christ (3:1-21)

Christ is our Standard for Life (3:10-14) 4. A Secure Church - Faithful to Christ (4:1-23) Christ is our Strength for Life (4:13)

I. SINGLE-MINDED THINKING (vv. 1-2) II. SERVING WITH JOY (vv. 3-5) III. SUPPLICATING IN PRAYER (vv. 6-7) 1. Prayer 2. Supplication 3. Thanksgiving IV. SECURE IN THE LORD (vv. 8-9)

Questions to go deeper with today’s message.

  • What does the word “anxious” mean?

  • How effective can you be in serving God if you are anxious?

  • Write out verses 6 & 7 in your own words:

  • What is the greatest detriment to church growth?

  • How do low standards of membership contribute to problems in the church?

  • What are the two types of people who are most likely to cause problems in the fellowship of a church?

  • What does it mean to be of the same mind in the Lord?

  • How do you develop the mind of the Lord?

  • What is the benefit of serving God and others with joy?

  • What is the point of Paul’s admonition to let your gentleness be known to all men

  • Are you one who demands your own way? ___ What have you learned from this text that would help you overcome that problem (or, what could anyone do to overcome it)?

  • What can we do to overcome anxiety?

  • What fears and anxieties are you prone to?

  • How can Phil. 4:6-9 help you?

  • What are the three words Paul uses to describe prayer and what do they mean?

  • How have you benefitted from prayer even when you did not get what you prayed for?

  • What are the solutions to problems in the church? (The lesson presented at least three things that would solve most disagreements within the church.)

  • Have you made a note to pray for harmony in the fellowship of your church on a daily basis?

  • Why is it important to do (obey) what we have received and learned from the Word of God?

  • Write out your plan to overcome anxiety and start living in the security of the peace of God.

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