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Revival in the Land (Nehemiah 8:1-18) - 8/24/22


  • The wall is finished.

  • Now Nehemiah prepares the people to succeed

  • Chapters 8–13 is the preparation of the spiritual people

  • A spiritual revival

  • The Keys to Revival in the land

Lift High the Word of God – vv.1–8

Hear and Believe IT AS THE WORD

Ezra – Read, Taught

  • Morning from mid-day

  • Elevated before the people

  • Opened the book of law

People – Gathered and listened.

  • Received as the WORD OF GOD

“The primary task of the church and of the Christian minister is the preaching of the Word of God,” said Dr. D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones. “The decadent periods and eras in the history of the church have always been those periods when preaching had declined” (Preaching and Preachers, pp. 19, 24)

Look Within – vv. 9–12

Wept over their sin

  • Sorrow over their past mistakes

Rejoiced over God’s faithfulness

  • God always blesses obedience

    • Change of circumstances

    • Change our attitude in the midst of circumstances


Remember the Word – vv. 13–18

Obeying /Living Out the WORD

Studied the Word

  • The purpose of study is to learn

  • Who God is

  • How we live based on who God is

Obeyed the Word

  • Hear

  • Believe

  • Trust

  • Obey

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