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Righteousness by Faith Alone (Romans 3:21-31) - 10/30/22


  • FIRST… this will be a very quick overview of this passage. I will preach through smaller sections in the future.

  • Romans 1:16–17 For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek. For in it the righteousness of God is revealed from faith for faith, as it is written, “The righteous shall live by faith.” (ESV)

    • NOT – Faith MAKES ONE RIGHTEOUS (the works that followed)


  • Martin Luther – Oct 31, 1517 in Wittenberg, Germany. Nailed the 95 these to the door of the church. (He was not trying to leave the Catholic Church but correct their understanding of the Gospel. This event sparked the Reformation)

  • 5 Solas of the Reformation

    • Scripture Alone: Scripture provides our rule for faith and practice.

    • Christ Alone: Righteousness before God comes only through the person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ.

    • Grace Alone: Salvation flows from the unmerited favor of God.

    • Faith Alone: Faith provides the only means of justification.

    • God’s Glory Alone: All of life is to be lived to the glory of God.

Manifestation of God’s Righteousness – vv. 21-22a

  • But now

  • Apart from the law

    • Not based on obedience to the law

    • Short article on “the law”

  • Bear witness to it

  • Through faith in Jesus Christ

(1) God is its source (Is. 45:8); (2) it fulfills both the penalty and precept of God’s law. Christ’s death as a substitute pays the penalty exacted on those who failed to keep God’s law, and His perfect obedience to every requirement of God’s law fulfills God’s demand for comprehensive righteousness (2 Cor. 5:21; 1 Pet. 2:24; cf. Heb. 9:28); and (3) because God’s righteousness is eternal (Ps. 119:142; Is. 51:8; Dan. 9:24), the one who receives it from Him enjoys it forever. JOHN F. MACARTHUR JR., THE MACARTHUR BIBLE COMMENTARY (NASHVILLE: THOMAS NELSON, 2005), RO 3:21.

Totality of God’s Righteousness – vv. 22b-23

  • All who believe (faith)

  • Manifested and yet must be received

  • All have sinned

Means of God’s Righteousness – vv. 24-26

  • Justified

    • Declared righteous

    • Free from the guilt and penalty of sin

    • Imputed with the righteousness of Christ

  • By His grace as a gift

  • Through the redemption in Christ Jesus

  • Propitiation

    • Wiped away. Satisfied

  • By His blood

  • Received by faith

  • Show God’s righteousness

  • Forbearance passed over former sins

    • Patience and Mercy

  • Show at present time

    • The Cross of Christ

  • Justifier of the one who has faith in Jesus

Basis of God’s Righteousness – vv. 27-31

  • What becomes our boasting

  • Jew and Gentile

  • Justified by faithFaith alone

    • Reveals the true purpose of the law

Ephesians 2:8–10
 - For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God, [9] not a result of works, so that no one may boast. For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them. (ESV)
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