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Roots of the Faith - God's Sovereignty - 3/1/23


“The foundation of all true knowledge of God must be a clear mental apprehension of His perfections as revealed in Holy Scripture. An unknown God can neither be trusted, served, nor worshipped.” A.W. Pink

Which one is it?

  • God is in control of nothing

  • God is in control of some things

  • God is in control of everything

God’s exercise of power over his creation is also called God’s sovereignty. God’s sovereignty is his exercise of rule (as “sovereign” or “king”) over his creation Wayne Grudem, 259.

God’s Sovereignty speaks of:

  • His rule and reign

  • His authority

The extent of His sovereignty:

  • Nature – Psalm 135:5-7

  • The Nations – Proverbs 21:1

  • Birth, Life and Death – Psalm 139:13-14, Hebrews 9:27

1 Chronicles 29:10-12

  • Greatness, power, glory, victory, & majesty are His.

  • All that is in the heavens and the earth are His.

  • He is exalted overall.

  • Riches and honor come from Him.

  • He rules overall.

  • In His hand is power and might

  • In His hand it is to make great and give strength

Proverbs 21:1, Genesis 50:19-20

  • God is working behind the scenes

  • He is working to accomplish His purpose…GOD HAS A PLAN

Isaiah 55:6-11

  • We will never know God’s perfect will until after it happens

1 Thess.4:3

  • For this is the will of God, OUR SANCTIFICATION

John 10:1-30

  • God loves His sheep.

  • Jesus came to give life abundantly.

  • We will never perish.

  • No one will snatch us from His hand.

Truths to consider

  • God is in control and sovereign over all

  • We can never know His perfect will

  • Instead of asking WHY GOD? We should be asking WHAT DO I NEED TO LEARN GOD?

  • Focus on what we do know. Focus on what God has revealed to us in His Word

  • Remember to spend our time on what we do control…OUR SANCTIFICATION.

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