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Roots of the Faith - The Work of the Holy Spirit (Part 3) - 1/31/24

The Work of the Spirit in our Sanctification

The Holy Spirit Indwells Believers

  1. The Spirit indwells all believers -; Romans 8:1-11; Romans 5:5; 1 Corinthians 3:16; 6:19-20

  2. The Spirit indwells believers permanently – John 14:15-18

  3. The Spirit’s indwelling is the basis for which we live out the Christian life.

  4. He teaches/illumines scripture – John 16:12-15

  5. He intercedes for us – Romans 8:26-27

  6. He assures us of our salvation – Romans 8:12-17

  7. He enables us to grow – Ephesians 5:15-21, Galatians 5:16-26

The Holy Spirit Fills Believers

What filling is not: A SECOND WORK OF GRACE

  • To be filled with the Spirit is not a second work of grace or a second experience in which the Holy Spirit empowers the believer to live a sanctified life.

What filling is: TO BE CONTROLLED

  • Guided, influenced, and governed by the Holy Spirit.

  • To be filled with the Spirit is when a believer allows the Spirit to control their life. The command is for the believer to yield control over to God. Allowing the Spirit to direct our life as we follow after Christ.

“Be filled with the Spirit” –  Ephesians 5:15-21

  • It is on-going.

  • It is not based on experience, but on truth. (Facts, Promises)

  • It empowers our life for purpose and ministry.

  • It is brought about by the submission and obedience to God’s will and way (from His Word).

  • Sadly, not all believers are yielding to the Spirit.

  • We should… but are not

Keys to Living in the Spirit:

  • Find your identity in Christ

  • Assurance in WHO WE ARE.


  • Find your worth in Christ.

  • Surrender to His Lordship (His leading in our life)

  • Confess/Repent from all known sin

  • Get your relationships in order

  • Earthy relationships reflect our heavenly ones

  • Discipline yourself for the purpose of Godliness

  • Bible study and meditation

  • Prayer

  • Corporate worship and fellowship

  • Christian ministry and service

  • Pursue holy lives

  • Do the next thing right (make holy decisions)

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