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Sin within the Body (Nehemiah 5:1-19) - 8/3/22


  • Chapter 4 – opposition from the outside

  • Chapter 5 – opposition from within

  • Dealing with internal conflict

  • Expect it (we live in a fallen world

  • Prepare for it

  • Deal with it rightly (biblically, in fear of God)

  • Nehemiah again gives a great lesson in leadership

The Outcry of the People – vv. 1-5

There was an outcry of the people.

  • They were in need of food

  • They had mortgaged their property

  • Bartered their own children.

The problem was from within

  • It was not done by the enemy, but by fellow Jews

  • They should have been doing all that was possible to help each other.

They were taking advantage of one another.

  • High interest

  • Looking out only for themselves

  • Selfish and Greedy

Nehemiah’s Solution – vv. 6-11


He was upset – v. 6

  • Burdened, Righteous Anger

He sought the truth – v. 7

  • Prayed

  • Pondered

Spoke Plainly

Focused on the Lord

  • Their sin is against a holy God

  • It impacted their walk

  • It impacted their witness

Provided the solution

  • Repent

  • Recognize the sin

  • Turn from the sin

  • Live differently

Nehemiah’s Example – vv. 14-17

His preaching matched his living

  • His money

  • His stuff

  • His work

  • Diligent

  • Disciplined

They were greedy… Nehemiah was a giver – v. 14

  • Took care of 150 men – vv. 17-18


He did all to please God – v. 19

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