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Spiritual Gifts, Part 1 (1 Corinthians 12:1-3) - 7/24/22


No one can doubt that God is still in the MIRACLE business. The question for us today is what role the Miraculous Gifts have in the church today.

Two major schools of thought in regard to the miraculous gifts in the church today.

Continuationism (Pentecostal/Charismatic)

  • God continues to give miraculous spiritual gifts to the church


  • God has ceased to give miraculous spiritual gifts to the church

As with most things:

  • People within the church have different views

  • People camp out in the extremes

  • Bible believing Christians can have a difference of opinion.

Where I have problems within the continuationism movement:

  • Teaching that a person must speak in tongues to be a spirit-filled Christian.

  • Worship that is not orderly 14:26-40

  • It is God’s will for people to be wealthy, healthy, and prosperous.

  • Leans more to experience and emotion.

  • Scripture plus my I have experienced.

Today is an introductory sermon as we consider the next several passages. We will utilize these 3 verses to lay a foundation for us to build upon.

Believers can be saved yet live unwisely

  • Now concerning spiritual gifts, brother

  • They may have not been acting properly, but he considered them believers.

  • We need to take our “living” the Christian life very seriously.

  • Daily growing and changing… MATURING

Believers need to consider what they believe

I do not want you to be uniformed

We are indwelt with the Spirit at conversion

We are filled with the Spirit as we mature in our spiritual life

Believers should pursue truth

When you were pagans

Led astray

  • Of the devil

  • Follow untruth. A lie

Test the Spirits

One of the issues I see today is “self-authenticating”

  • I know what I have experienced

  • Emotions and Experiences rule the day

  • My feelings over facts, truth, the Bible

The Truth is crucial

  • Acknowledgement of Jesus Christ

  • Truth of the Gospel




Apart from the Spirts work… We are dead in our trespasses and sin. People do what they do because of who they are and who they follow. It is only by the Spirit of God that our minds and hearts are transformed.

  • Knowing Him

  • Our Conversion

  • Growing in the Spirit

  • Our sanctification.

  • Word, Prayer, Worship, Sharing, Serving

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