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Spiritual Gifts, Part 4 (1 Corinthians 12:12-31) - 8/14/22


  • The importance of the gifts in relationship to the church

  • We are gifted to be PART OF THE BODY

  • To be part of the church is to be part of the BODY OF CHRIST

  • Not focusing on the gifts but the purpose of them.

  • The purpose of the gifts. glorify God and build up the body… the local church is key to this being lived out

We are One Body – vv. 12-13

For as the body is one… many parts – All the members… one body – v. 12

  • Human body

  • Very complex, but one

Baptized into the body – Drink from one Spirit – v. 13

  • Spiritual… SUPERNATURAL


  • Same Spirit saves

  • Same Spirit fills

  • All have… the same

Jews Greeks. Slaves and Free – v. 13

  • Across the spectrum of society

  • Everyone and anyone

We are Many Members – vv. 14-20

Not one… but many – v. 14

  • Not individual but corporate

  • Our serving our singing… everything.

God arranged the members – v. 18

  • Different by design.

Each one as He chose – v. 18

  • Designing and building

Many parts, yet one body – v. 20

  • Our Church body… our human body

  • The Church, THE CHURCH

We are Dependent on One Another – vv. 21-31

Cannot say I have no need of you – v.21

  • Our value. Importance

  • The necessity of every member of the body

God composed the body – v.24

  • Mix together, intermingle, temper together

No division in the body – v.25

  • All together

  • Same reason, purpose, goals, and vision (Macro and Micro)

  • SO THAT… Members have the same care for one another

God has appointed – v.28

  • Divinely places

Concluding Thoughts

These verses teach us the importance of the local church

  • SO important to be part

  • Unique (the individual people), yet special (Christ’s Church)

Church is not about just finding a place to “worship”

  • Just attending for the worship (singing and preaching)

  • It is about becoming a “member of the body”

God saves us and places us

  • We are saved to serve within a church

  • This is God’s ordained plan

Using our gifts is much bigger than just holding a church position or checking a box on a spiritual gift survey

  • The Christian life is about serving one another from natural out flow of a spirt-filled life

  • Doing church life together

  • Start small then work out

  • one on one, one on some, one on many

  • Evangelism, Discipleship, Encouragement, and Care

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