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The Attack on Spiritual Leadership (Nehemiah 6:1-14) - 8/14/22


  • Remember….Opposition is out there.

  • From the outside and from the inside

  • This passage… opposition toward the leadership.

  • The devil will focus on the leaders of the home and the church

  • We see the opposition and we see the way to overcome.

The Strategy of the Enemy

Entering into False Alliances– vv. 1-4

  • Joining with the enemy

  • Cooperation

  • Come together… unity, but at what cost

  • Ultimate end was the harm of Nehemiah

Believing the Lies and Threats – vv. 5-9

  • Lies, False charges

  • Stirring up fear

Compromising truth – vv. 10-15

  • Prophet from within

  • Hid in the temple

  • Trust me…disobey the Word of God

Same tactics for us today

  • Spiritual and Moral compromise

  • 1 Cor. 10:12Take heed lest he fall.

The Strategy of the Leader

Nehemiah shows great discernment and courage. How? What was so unique about Nehemiah that allowed Him to stand fast?

He was a man of devotion and prayervv. 9 & 14

  • Seeking God

  • Trusting the God

  • Obeying God


He stayed the course with his mission

  • What he was there for

  • Stay focused on the most important

  • Knew His purpose

He trusted God

  • God’s care, provision, and rule over His people (over all creation)

  • He knew God had called Him

    • Go to the city and build the wall

    • What God has started… God would compete

    • Easy to trust when things go well….

  • Verse 11 – Should such a man as I run away?

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