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The Why of God's Judgment (Micah 2:1-11) - 6/7/23

The hearts of the people – vv. 1-5

God had given them their land. It was theirs as long as they trusted in and followed after Him.

  • Greed. Lack of contentment. Materialism. Covetousness.

  • He leased it to them

  • Sabbatical year. Year of Jubilee.

  • Privilege brings responsibility and responsibility brings accountability. (Warren Wiersbe)

The wealthy wanted more wealth

  • More prosperity over more holiness

  • Finding our joy and contentment in our current walk with God

God will take them from His land and give it to someone else.

The worship of the people– vv. 6-11

False worship

  • The message of the false prophets

  • Should be in Spirit and truth. John 4:23

  • Reverence and Godly fear. Hebrews 12:28

False Reception

  • The people were rejecting the Word of God from true prophets

  • They would not hear the truth.

  • Do not hear, because you are not of God. John 8:47

False Assurance

  • If the message is wrong

  • The reception is wrong

  • Our TRUE RELATIONSHIP with God will be wrong

God gave them the land so they could enter REST. But, they turned their back on God. Therefore, judgment is coming.

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