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Women as Elders/Pastors - 4/5/23


  • Over the past couple of weeks we have addressed church leadership

  • Should a women serve as a pastor or elder?

  • Today, some churches have female pastors and some do not.

  • In our convention we are in a LOUD discussion over this… sparked by Rick Warren.

  • What does the Bible say? Does the Bible address it? Is it a big deal?

  • The issue in not about SERVING. The issue is about AUTHORITY. TEACHING AND LEADING AS AN ELDER

The Church

The Home


  1. This is just the opinion of Paul, and he was chauvinistic. Jesus never said it, so we need to just listen to Jesus on this matter.

  2. Teachings were true then, but this is a different day. Things have changed.

  3. If someone feels that God has called them to a particular ministry, who are we to question?

  4. Some women are more gifted than men.

  5. There are no men, so women must step up.

Theological Terms

Egalitarianism (Both men and women can be a pastor/elder)

Egalitarianism, within Christianity, is a movement based on the theological view that not only are all people equal before God in their personhood, but there are no gender-based limitations of what functions or roles each can fulfill in the home, the church, and the society.

Complementarianism (Men should be pastor/elder)

Complementarianism is the theological view that although men and women are created equal in their being and personhood, they are created to complement each other via different roles and responsibilities as manifested in marriage, family life, religious leadership, and elsewhere. It is rooted in more literal interpretations of the Creation account and the roles of men and women presented in Scripture.

Pastor Jon’s thoughts:

  1. Complementarianism has historically been the stance of conservative Baptist churches.

    1. Baptist Faith and Message

  2. Sola Scriptura – THE WORD IS ENOUGH!

  3. The word pastor/elder/overseer in the NT is the same person.

    1. We should not create our own vocabulary (We should use biblical words biblically. Words do matter.)

    2. How we acknowledge church staff is important

  4. Jesus gives us a great example

    1. In Jewish culture rabbis did not teach women, yet Christ taught women and included them in his day to day activities. They traveled with Him. Ministered with Him. (Equality)Chose 12 men to be his disciples. (responsibility)

    2. Encouraged John to take care of his mother. Oldest son…take care of family. (responsibility)

  5. The Church is a picture of the home

    1. How often to we sight the issue of society reflecting the issues within the family unit? (no fathers in the life of their children)

    2. If the church does not take it seriously, then the home is not far behind… then society will follow.

    3. Consider the authority issues

    4. Consider all the gender issues

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